• RS12 Is nothing sacred anymore?

    Philosophy student Matt Hook joins us to reason whether some things should not be joked about. Should some things be beyond jest? We examine free speech, liberalism, and bullying in an attempt to find an answer. Read more
  • RS11 A new world currency?

    Is it time that we change the international currency? What should take the place of the dollar? We discuss what an international currency is, why it's needed, and whether it should be replaced. Read more
  • RS10 Where Trust and Reliability differ

    Is a trustworthy person different from a reliable one? Which is better? We discuss what makes someone trustworthy or reliable, and how trustworthiness differs from reliability. Read more
  • RS09 The Shit Sandwich

    We ask whether scientists are hypocrites, what questions cannot be asked. Read more
  • RS08 The Return of Suresh

    How do you become a good talker? What is #FakeNews? We discuss what makes a conversation good and the recent fake news controversy. Read more
  • RS07 Web Designers are Horrible

    They act like they do a lot, but do very little. This week we discuss Twitter's popularity in light of Vine being cancelled. Bart explains why web designers suck. Oiva explains temperament and personality types. Read more
  • RS06 Sound and Colour

    How do conversational styles differ between people and cultures? We discuss using our phone's greyscale feature, how peoples' conversational styles differ, and what it means for a country to be powerful. Read more
  • RS05 Nuclear Annihilation

    Will we live to see the 22nd century? Red Switch discuss. Read more
  • RS04 Anarchy! with Daniel Walvin

    Daniel Walvin answers all our questions about Anarchism. Read more
  • RS03 You're Speaking The Truth, Boy!

    We discuss Michel Foucault, Kylie Jenner, Breaking Bad, and many other things. Read more
  • RS02 Going Around Punching Producers

    We discuss how to deal with stress, whether science can answer moral questions, and the new Top Gear. Read more
  • RS01 A Dude Called Fosters

    We discuss our identity, our interests, and Fosters. Read more